Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting Started with WSS and MOSS Development Links

The following list is my starting point for links to WSS and MOSS development. Really, this is just for my own organization efforts, but maybe someone else will stumble on these and get a head start. A lot of people have put a great effort into documenting their own lists already, so I've linked to them here as well. Thanks to them all for their effort!

MSDN: Windows SharePoint Services Developer Portal

MSDN: SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal

SDK: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

SDK: SharePoint Server 2007

TechNet: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

TechNet: SharePoint Server 2007

Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

How to Create a MOSS 2007 VPC Image (Excellent Resource - thanks to Tony Zink)

Another Great Setup Guide by Robert te Kaat and Bart Gunneman

A Great Overview TechNet Webcast

MOSS Video and Screencast listing on Russ Stalter's Blog

SharePoint 2007 Book Listing on Russ Stalter's Blog

A Gazillion Great Resource Links Categorized by Mark Kruger

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